Theatre in the Round: Most Significant Figures

This is a personal opinion of the 10 most significant figures in the history of Theatre in the Round in Scarborough from 1955 to the present day. The order is in chronological order and entirely and only reflects the opinions and research of the website creator.

The 10 Most Significant Figures (1955 - 2009)

Stephen Joseph (1955 - 1965)
Founder and original Artistic Director of Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre.
David Campton (1955 - 1965)
Original writer-in-residence, Company Manager.
Ken Boden (1955 - 1986)
Administrator, theatre manager and responsible for reviving the company after its closure in 1965.
Alan Ayckbourn (1957 - present)
Playwright and director, second Artistic Director of the company.
Tom Laughton (Years TBC)
Chairman of Scarborough Theatre Trust.
Stephen Wood (1976 - 2015)
Press officer and first Executive Director of the company.
Robin Herford (1976 - 1988)
Actor, director, Associate Director and Co-Artistic Director of the the company.
Connal Orton (1991 - 1998)
First appointed Literary Manager of the company.
Harry Osborne (1990 - 1996)
Architect and designer of the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
William Smettem (1955)
Chief Librarian at Scarborough Library and without whom Theatre in the Round at the Library Theatre would not have been possible.

Other Key Figures

Any list - such as the one above is arbitrary and subjective - and does not reflect the sheer number of people who have been involved with the company over the decades nor their contributions. The following alphabetical list includes some of the other people who have had a significant impact on theatre in the round - not including the actors and writers, who can all be said to have been instrumental in making theatre in the round what it is today.

George Anderson (Architect); Paul Allen (Chair of Scarborough Theatre Trust); Paul Baines (Theatre Manager); Helen Boaden (Chair of Scarborough Theatre Trust); Alfred Bradley (BBC Radio Producer & Scarborough Theatre Trust member); Lord Downe (Trustee of the ADMirable Partnership); Steve Freeman (Executive Director); Cheryl Coven (Associate Director OutReach) Malcolm Hebden (Associate Director & Director); Keith McFarlane (first Finance Officer); Stephen Mallatratt (Associate Director & Writer-in-Residence); Charles McCarthy (Trustee of the ADMirable Partnership); Amanda Saunders (Programming Director); Heather Stoney (Executive Assistant); Jeannie Swales (Press Officer); Paul Todd (Musical Director); Gordon Townsend (Literary Manager); Dr Nathan Walsh (Chair of Scarborough Theatre Trust); Ian Wainwright (Education Officer); Bob Watson (Archivist); Rodney Wood (Theatre Manager & Director of Productions).

This page solely represents the opinions of Simon Murgatroyd and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any other person or organisation.