Theatre in the Round: Actors: (V - Z)

This page lists the actors (surnames V - Z) at the Library Theatre, Stephen Joseph Theatre in the Round and Stephen Joseph Theatre between 1955 and 2009 when Alan Ayckbourn stepped down as Artistic Director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre (no actors are listed for 2009 as Alan stepped down prior to any productions that year). All information is drawn from research into programmes / playbills and reflects the information contained there. Only professional, main-house productions are listed.

An up-to-date list of actors who have appeared in Alan Ayckbourn's productions of his own plays from 1959 to the present day at the SJT can be found in the
Encyclopaedia section of the main Alan Ayckbourn site by clicking here.
Joanna Van Gyseghem: Wild Honey (1996); Things We Do For Love (1997); Love Letters (1997); Bedroom Farce (2000)
Rupert Vansittart: The Winslow Boy (1983); Old King Cole (1987); The Revengers' Comedies (1989); Taking Steps (1990); Othello (1990)
Anthony Venditti: Dreams From A Summer House (1992); Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays (1993); Mirandolina (1996)
Stephen Ventura: Villette (2005)
Sue Vincent: Spending Frank (2005)
Tabitha Wady: It Could Be Any One Of Us (1996)
Ian Wainwright: Gaslight (1994)
Joanna Wake: Unless (2005)
Brian Wallace: The Lunatic View (1957); Lucky Peter's Travels (1957); Look Back In Anger (1957); I Have Been Here Before (1957)
Francis Wallis: Arden Of Feversham (1968); Hay Fever (1968); The Promise (1968); A Boat In The Backyard (1968)
Carol Walton: The Princess And The Mouse (2002)
Niky Wardley: Making Waves (2003)
Marcia Warren: Trailer (1980); Time And The Conways (1980); Season's Greetings (1980); First Course (1980); The Importance Of Being Earnest (1980); Clouds (1980); Suburban Strains (1981)
Polly Warren: Bedroom Farce (1975); Angels In Love (1975); Brontës (1975); An Englishman's Home (1975); A View From The Bridge (1975); What The Devil! (1975); Charlie's Christmas Countdown (1975); The Chimes (1975); Just Between Ourselves (1976); Ten Times Table (1977)
Hannah Waterman: Soap (2004)
Ed Waters: The Star Throwers (2002)
Mervyn Watson: A Man For All Seasons (1977)
Moray Watson: Phedre (1958)
James Weaver: Making Waves (2003)
Christopher Webber: Talking Heads (1995); A Word From Our Sponsor (1995)
Caroline Webster: A Chorus Of Disapproval (1984); The Westwoods (1984); His Monkey Wife (1984); Family Circles (1985); Woman In Mind (1985); Boy Meets Girl / Girl Meets Boy (1985); The Brontës Of Haworth (1985)
Leonard Webster: Physical Jerks (1993)
Paul Webster: The Christmas That Nearly Wasn't (1974); Frost At Midnight (1974)
Christine Welch: Albert (1974); The Breadwinner (1974); Angels In Love (1975); Pygmalion (1977); Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead (1978); Once Upon A Time (1978); The Crucible (1979); Once More Upon A Time (1979)
David Wehner: A Thief In Time (1962)
Steven Welford: The Parasol (1988)
Maggie Wells: Gaslight (1994); Penny Blue (1994); Appropriate Channels (1994); Windy (1994); Romeo And Juliet (1994)
John Wheatley: Dealing With Clair (1996)
Gary Whitaker: Wildest Dreams (1991); My Very Own Story (1991); Closing Number (1991); A Man Of Letters (1991); Can This Be Love? (1991); One Over The Eight (1992)
James D White: Conversations With My Father (1994)
Matthew White: Awaking Beauty (2008)
Geoffrey Whitehead: Body Language (1990); Three Men In A Boat (1990); Abiding Passions (1990); Wild Honey (1996); Bedroom Farce (2000); This Is Where We Came In (2001)
Glenville Whiting: The Vanishing (1981)
Jeffrey Wickham: Wild Honey (1996)
Saskia Wickham: One Over The Eight (1992)
Robert Wilfort: The Jollies (2002)
Glynn Williams: This Is Where We Came In (2001)
Leon Williams: Skylight (2006)
Lia Williams: Body Language (1990); Doris And Doreen (1990)
Nigel Williams: Whenever (2000)
Judy Wilson: What Every Woman Knows (2000); Fields Of Gold (2004)
Terence Wilton: Granite (1965); March Off Time (1965); Cock & Bull Story (1965); Bitter Harvest (1965); The Play Of Mata Hari (1965); The Day Dumbfounded Got His Pylon (1965); The Governor's Lady (1965)
Jennifer Wiltsie: Invisible Friends (1989); Wolf At The Door (1989)
Norman Wingrove: The Private Ear (1964); The Tiger And The Horse (1964); Dead And Alive (1964)
Iain Winstanley: A Chorus Of Disapproval (2004)
Sophie Winter: Feed (1993); Tomfoolery (1993); Bye Bye Blues (1993); Cigarettes And Chocolate (1993); Love Off The Shelf (1993); Two Weeks With The Queen (1994); A Word From Our Sponsor (1995)
Kevin Wood: Black Comedy (1974); The Christmas That Nearly Wasn't (1974); Frost At Midnight (1974); Angels In Love (1975); Brontës (1975); A View From The Bridge (1975); Charlie's Christmas Countdown (1975)
Rodney Wood: Lucky Peter's Travels (1957); Look Back In Anger (1957); I Have Been Here Before (1957); Honey In The Stone (1957); Captain Carvallo (1958); Squaring The Circle (1958); Ring Of Roses (1958); Dial M For Murder (1958); Easter (1959); Arden Of Feversham (1968)
Keith Woodason: A Christmas Carol (2009)
Latilla Woodburn: Fallen Angels (1963); Rollo (1963); A Likely Tale (1963); Who Was Hilary Maconochie? (1963); Barnstable (1963); Affairs Of State (1963); Beasts (1963)
Kathryn-Anne Woodward: The Linden Tree (1984); His Monkey Wife (1984); Boy Meets Girl / Girl Meets Boy (1985); The Brontës Of Haworth (1985)
Billie-Claire Wright: Drowning On Dry Land (2004); Private Fears In Public Places (2004); A Chorus Of Disapproval (2004)
Gillian Wright: Something Blue (2002)
Sarah Wynter: Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead (1978); Once Upon A Time (1978); Saint Trixie (1979); Double Double (1979); The Crucible (1979)
Jane Young: Comeback (1963); Barnstable (1963); Private Lives (1964); The Tiger And The Horse (1964); Dead And Alive (1964)
Kate Young: By Jeeves (1996)
Patrick Young: The Jollies (2002)
Philip York: The Game Hunter (2003); Love's A Luxury (2004); A Chorus Of Disapproval (2004); Miss Yesterday (2004); Relatively Speaking (2007); Face Value (2007)
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