Heritage Walks

Details about heritage walks with Simon Murgatroyd.

What Are They?

Heritage walks are 60 - 90 minutes walks around Scarborough town centre looking at the history of theatre in the round in Scarborough.

They are designed for between one and six people and can be tailored to suit specific interests relating to theatre in the round in Scarborough or Alan Ayckbourn.

They begin outside Scarborough Library on Vernon Road and generally end outside the Stephen Joseph Theatre on Westborough.

The basic walk is generally on the flat on pavements around the town centre but can be expanded - by previous arrangement - to include the old town in which case, there are steep inclines, narrow pavements and cobbled pavements.

Please note, the walk does not go into any of the venues or buildings mentioned on the walk - such as the Library or the Stephen Joseph Theatre. It takes place entirely outside and, generally, there is little to no shelter along the route.

Dates & Times

Generally, tours are available to book on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons at 2pm or on weekday evenings, from May through September, at 6.30pm.

Cost & Payment

Private Tour (1 or 2 people): £30
Group Tour (3 - 6 people): £10 per person

Payment can be taken in advance via PayPal or on the night, prior to the walk, in cash (or via PayPal mobile payment prior to the walk starting).

Refunds will be given if payment has been received in advance and the walk has had to be cancelled for reasons such as weather or ill-health.

Enquiries & Bookings

If you are interested in enquiring about or booking a walking tour, please contact Simon via the Contacts page giving the subject as 'walks', I'll respond to you as soon as possible after that.

Conditions of Booking

  • All bookings will be confirmed by email and this email - confirming date, time and payment method. This confirmation must be brought to the walk in either paper or digital format.
  • Payment must be received either in advance by PayPal or on the night prior to the walk commencing by cash or PayPal by mobile payment. If payment has not been received and confirmed prior to the walk commencing, the walk will be cancelled.
  • Simon Murgatroyd accepts no responsibility for any injuries or accidents which may occur during the walk. The walk is on pavements in Scarborough town centre and each individual's safety is their own responsibility.
  • Refunds will be offered to participants who have paid in advance in event of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather or ill health.
  • If the date of the walk has to be re-arranged by Simon, participants who have been paid will be offered a full refund of the cost of the walk or offered an alternative date.
  • Any enquiries should be sent to Simon via the Contacts page.