Scarborough Theatre Trust: Objectives & Aims

This page reproduces the objectives and aims of Scarborough Theatre Trust as listed in its Trustees' Report (March 2013). Further details about Scarborough Theatre Trust and its work can be found at the Charities Commissions website here.

Objectives & Aims

The objects of the charity are:

- to advance the education of the public in all aspects of dramatic art including the arts of drama, opera, dance, music and film;
- the development of public appreciation of such art by the provision of a theatre and the presentation of public performances;
- to further the social and cultural welfare of the community of Scarborough and its neighbourhood and visitors to the Borough.

The charity has the general aim of contributing to the quality of life of the people of Scarborough and wider area by expanding their horizons through the provision of exciting, challenging and accessible professional and community arts events.
The main objectives for the year continue to be the promotion and fostering of artistic knowledge and appreciation of the arts by the provision of facilities for the education and entertainment of the public in the fields of drama, opera, dance, music and film.
The strategies employed to achieve the charity's objectives are:

- To be the home for Alan Ayckbourn's new work and the place where his existing plays are revived as originally intended;
- To be the provider of the best versions of both of these on a national touring network;
- Offer opportunities for a broad range of people to get involved in arts activity exploring their own creative powers;
- To be an active base for commissioning and producing new work;
- To be a centre for nurturing new talent;
- Provide facilities for amateur and professional artists to develop. Groups in the Borough are given discounted rates for hire of space and access to professional advice;
- Concentrate on involving young people from the age of three in the arts to help encourage a culture in which different ages play a complimentary part;
- To be a venue for a wide range of cultural provision for the local and surrounding area, bringing in the best visiting companies, musicians, writers, artists and films;
- To be producers of small scale new work in venues around the Borough and surrounding rural areas;
- To present a broad range of arts work.

The outreach programmes involve local schools and the local higher education college in a range of expressive arts with professionals in residence. They aim to develop students' confidence and expression across the the range of arts from dance, drama, music, art with paints, textiles and objects, sculpture and creative writing.