Premiere Patrons

27 June - 2 July 2016 at the Stephen Joseph Theatre

Premiere Patrons is a unique opportunity to support new writing at the Stephen Joseph Theatre and see Alan Ayckbourn in action - a new way to support the SJT’s work and to attend a unique week-long event with exclusive access to Alan Ayckbourn.

If you love innovative theatre, the SJT has an unmissable opportunity for you to be part of staging three world premieres. 2016’s Summer Festival is a showcase of all that is special about SJT not least new writing. Theatrical visionary Stephen Joseph lit this flame many years ago - can we ask you to play your part in keeping it alight in the present day? Join us as a patron and your gift will be a crucial investment in:
  • Providing opportunities for new writers - nurturing promising talent and commissioning new work.
  • Developing innovative work by writers who have forged a reputation with our help.
  • Expanding our provision for family audiences.
If you are fascinated by the inner workings of theatre, then Premier Patrons is for you. Pledge your support and you will become much more than the conventional theatrical “angel”. You will be able to experience the creative processes involved in staging new work - unseen by the regular audience.

Premiere Patrons Week

A week-long behind the scenes experience will take from 27 June – 2nd July 2016

During the week there will be the chance to:
  • Visit Alan Ayckbourn’s rehearsal room and join the playwright in the first interactive audience rehearsals for his latest work with The Karaoke Theatre Company.
  • Meet Alan Ayckbourn at an evening meal and for a Question & Answer session.
  • See two world premiere productions with Torben Betts’ The National Joke and Vicky Ireland’s Just So Stories.
  • Meet the new Artistic Director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Paul Robinson, and enjoy a welcome meal and reception with some of the SJT’s company.
  • A chance to hear plays in progress and meet emerging writers
  • Meet the directors of some of the world premiere at the SJT during the Summer Festival.
  • Hear and learn about some of the new writing commissions for the future.
  • Learn about the rich history of new writing at the SJT with Alan Ayckbourn’s Archivist Simon Murgatroyd and a special one-off exhibition.
  • Meet the company and creative teams and gain an insight into the creative process behind our world premieres.
  • Attend technical rehearsals and gain insights into the technical challenges of staging Just So Stories
  • Mix with like-minded people
  • Discover solutions to the technical challenges of lighting, sound set and costume design
  • And more to be announced!
A provisional schedule and booking form can be found by clicking here.

Plus throughout the rest of the summer festival season you can:
  • Join us at opening nights.
  • Stay for the traditional “hanging of the programme” ceremony and after show celebration.

By becoming a Premier Patron, you are:
  • Investing in the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
  • Providing opportunities for new writers.
  • Helping to produce a major new piece by Alan Ayckbourn.
  • Recognised in the SJT Programmes.
  • Taking part in the Premier Patron week from 27 June – 2 July 2016.
  • Invited to SJT summer festival press nights and post show celebrations.
  • Gaining insight and access into the making of future SJT productions.

1 year Support Package 2016

Single Ticket: £1000
Double Ticket: £1500

3 Year Support Package 2016

Single Ticket - £2500
Double Ticket - £3500

To book a place, download the booking form here. Alternatively to book or find out more information, speak to Rebecca Winder by calling 01723 356645 or email her at