Other Productions Credits

This is a list of production staff credited in programmes from 1955 to the present day who may not have been associated with a specific production. It is drawn entirely from surviving programmes and material in archive and whilst comprehensive, it cannot be seen as definitive due the limitations of the Stephen Joseph Theatre Archive (please see Research Notes for further details).
If you notice an omission, please contact
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Steven Dolan
Patrick Finnerty
Gary Glover
Trevor John-Smith
John Makin
Frank Matthews
Trevor Smith
Peter D Szak

Sarah Hughes
Michelle Tidy

Olivia Breeze
Erin Carter
Sheila Carter
Aletta Collins
Edna Davis
Angela Hardcastle
Gavin Lee
Patricia Mennell
Beverley Norris-Edmunds
Helen Thompson
Kraig Thornber

Film / Live Streaming
Steve Carley

Fight Directors
Alison de Burgh
Wolf Christian
Liam Evans-Ford
Nick Hall
Renny Krupinski
Christopher Main
Philip d'Orléans
Malcolm Ranson
Richard Ryan
Tom Sherman
Ian Stapleton
Kate Waters
Musical Directors
Richard Atkinson
Simon Cryer
Mark Gordon
Michael Haslam
Neil MacDonald
John Pattison
Chris Reason
Simon Slater
Paul Todd
Mark Warman
Kate Young

Music / Composers

Eric Angus
Ernest Acquah
Richard Atkinson
Nicholas Bicat
Tony Bicat
Kieran Buckeridge
Julian Butler
Peter Clough
Simon Cryer
Barrie Davenport
Bob Eaton
Peter Hawkins
Kathy Holroyd
Trevor Holroyd
Paul James
Denis King
John Pattison
Cathy Shostak
David Shrubsole
Simon Slater
Anders Södergren
Oli Steadman
Paul Todd
Matthew Twaites

Production Managers
Alison Fowler
Stefan Gleisner
Denzil Hebditch
Geoff Keys
Garry Leck
Andy Sugars
Adrian Sweeney

Steve Carley
Ceri Adam
Lynn Aitken
Tina Bicat
Jennie Boyer
Clare Bracewell
Mandy Brown
Rebecca Cartwright
Louise Chapman
Alison Cornell
Shirley Cowton
Wendy Doncaster
Katy Dove
Paul Edwards
Ann Empey
Peter Fairchild
Vanessa Forsyth
Charles Fox
Alexandra Goodwin
Rachel Hargreave
Ruth Hill
Ann-Marie Hunt
Jill Ilfray
Isabel Innes
Stephen Jackson
Katie Johnstone
Alison Kirkpatrick
Edward Lipscomb
Hayley Marston
Bea Matthews
Beckie May
Philip Pawsey
Emma Penhard
Jill Pennington
Julia Perry-Mook
Marian Repp
Margaret Ruff
Kimberley Scott
Sheila Theedom
Sue Timmins
Heather Tomlinson
Martin Vaughan Lewis
Frances Upton
Kathleen Walker
Christine Wall
Susan Ward
Christine Welch
Diane Wren
Emma Angell
Jody Bicknell
Marcus Birkin
Simon Black
Peter Boden
Claire Bromhead
Emma Clare
Matthew Davies
Julie Davis
Osman Dervish
Jonny Ellis
Reuben Fogarty
Kath Geraghty
David Groom
Jessica Hodson
Dave Jackson
Lucy Jenkins
Trevor John-Smith
Simon Jones
Craig Kilmartin
Daniel Last
Fiona Lewry
Francis Lynch
Nick Malinowksi
Neil Millar
Sarah Miller
David Morris
Tony Newton
Tom Nickson
Rosie Roberts
Matt Roper
Jane Smailes
Trevor Smith
Jackie Staines
Paul Stear
Francis Stevenson
Jann Tarrant
Mick Thomas
Matthew Tompsett
Paul Towson
Ben Vickers
Sue Volans
Neil Warhurst
Keir Webster
John Whitehead
Roland Whiteley
Katharine Williams
Matt Woodcock
All research for this section by Simon Murgatroyd. Please do not reproduce without crediting Simon Murgatroyd and the website.

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