This ongoing page include details of administration staff who have worked at the venue since 1955. It is drawn entirely from surviving programmes and material in archive and whilst comprehensive, it cannot be seen as definitive due the limitations of the Stephen Joseph Theatre Archive (please see Research Notes for further details).
If you notice an omission, please contact with details.
Simon Murgatroyd
Bob Watson

Artistic Director

Associate Director

Box Office Staff


Building Technician
Chris Meeks

Sarah Hughes
Michele Tidy

Catering Manager (Library)
Veronica Pemberton-Billing

Chief Executive

Communications / Marketing / Publicity / Design
Russ Allen
Steven Ayckbourn
Andie Hawkes
John Boden
Peter Cobham
Georgette Donoghue
James Drawneek
James Eaglesfield
Tommy Hanson
Hannah van Helvoort
Kay Jamieson
Rob Lines
Jordan Lonsdale
Ellen Mann
Anna Mitchelson
Ruth Puckering
Georgina Samuels
Heather Stoney
Kirsten Swanston
Gordon Townsend
Liam Watt-Pattison

Community Events / Conference Manager
Jaye Lewis
Executive Assistants
Irene Fisher
Jaye Lewis
Jane Richardson
Helen Roberts
Ann Summers

Executive Director

Finance / Accounts Department

Jon Burch
Hubert Cross
Michelle Darrell
Terri Dixon
Susan Everingham
Sue Hobson
Keith McFarlane
Steve Monkman
Robin Newman
Guy Parkin
Tracey Rogers
Nicola Smith
Tracey Shaw
Marion Teasdale
Steve Toal
Linda Woodcroft
Ian Wyatt

FoH / Duty Manager
Paul Baines
Helen Brame
Derek Brooke
Lynn Cloete
Kath Dunn
James Eaglesfield
Matthew Hargreaves
Hannah van Helvoort
Ronald Illingworth
Kate Jenkinson
Alice Lockwood
Richard McCartney
Jason Mullen
Jade Nadon
Sheridan Nadon
Zoe Naylor
Diana Ruston
Georgina Samuels
Jill Spinks
Rebecca Sullivan
Denise Thomas
Secretary / Reception
Lynne Baker
Ken Boden
Kate Buchan
Donna Casson
Zena Curtis
Ann Daly
Michelle Darrell
Terri Dixon
Kath Dunn
Anne-Marie Fearon
Michelle Feltham
Margaret Floater
Chrissie Glazebrook
Helen Humble
Theresa Jenkinson
Beryl Johnson
Sally Jubb
Janine Lukas
Andrea Mundey
Simon Murgatroyd
Susie Novis
Jean Pelan
Christine Robinson
Claire Singleton
Jade Sylvester
Pat Walkland
Pat Wilson
Linda Woodcroft

Theatre Manager / Deputy Theatre Manager
Paul Baines
Ken Boden
Derek Brooke
Elizabeth Brown
David Campton
Peter Cheeseman
Paul R Griffiths
Stephen Joseph
Joan Macalpine
Mo MacLeod
Jason Mullen
Zoe Naylor
Georgina Samuels
Suzanne Tennant
Martin Tepper
Ian Watson
Rodney Wood

Touring / Programming

Tara Finney
Amy Fisher
Fleur Hebditch
Steven Ryan
Amanda Saunders
Front of House Assistants
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Fundraising / Development

Gill Adams
Helen Anderson
David Hann
Jaye Lewis
Ann-Marie Merrick
Hannah van Helvoort
Rebecca Winder

General Administrator
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IT Support
Steve Monkman

Literary Department
Henry Bell
Laura Harvey
Fleur Hebditch
Connal Orton
Gordon Townsend

David Higgs
Chris Meeks
John Vardy
Alan Weighall

OutReach / Education

Press Officer

Tony Banfield
Kay Jamieson
Jennifer Jones
Lizzie Glazier
Meryl Robertson
Su-Ann Chow-Seegoolam
Jeannie Swales
Sally Ward
Stephen Wood

Resident Dramatist
Alan Ayckbourn
Torben Betts
Vanessa Brooks
David Campton
Robert Shearman
All research for this section by Simon Murgatroyd. Please do not reproduce without crediting Simon Murgatroyd and the website.

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