Stephen Joseph Theatre Staff: Longest Serving

The Stephen Joseph Theatre's history dates back to 1955 and since that time, the organisation has employed hundreds of people from writers to directors, actors to ushers, stage management to designers.

It is worth noting the people who have made the longest contributions to the company as, frequently, they have made some of the most significant contributions to the theatre. This is the list of the longest serving staff members and the longest serving department heads.

Longest Serving Staff

Alan Ayckbourn - 59 years
(1957 - 1962 : actor, playwright, director; 1969 - 1970: Director of Productions; 1972 - 2009: Artistic Director; 2009 - present: director)

Ken Boden - 30 years
(1955 - 1985: Theatre Manager)

Stephen Wood - 25 years
(1976 - 1982: Press Officer; 1996 - 2015: Executive Director)

Amanda Saunders - 24 years
(1978 - 1982: Stage Manager; 1996 - present: Touring & Programming Director, later Executive Producer)

Longest Serving by Department

Artistic Director: Alan Ayckbourn (37 years)
Executive Director: Stephen Wood (19 years)
Theatre Manager: Ken Boden (30 years)
Finance Director: Keith McFarlane (17 years)
Press Office: Jeannie Swales (10 years + 1 year maternity cover)
Production Manager: Alison Fowler (16 years)
Director: Alan Ayckbourn (in post since 1961)

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