Chris Monks & The Stephen Joseph Theatre

Chris Monks was the third Artistic Director of the Stephen Joseph Theatre between 1 April 2009 and 11 December 2015. Prior to this, he worked at the Royal Exchange Theatre Company in Manchester and was an Associate Director at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme. He is principally a director of musical theatre.

At the Stephen Joseph Theatre, he was responsible for writing five new adaptations of existing works -
A Christmas Carol, The Snow Queen, Soul Man, Cox 'n' Box - Mrs Bouncer's Legacy, The Last Train To Scarborough - as well as reviving a number of pieces he had previously adapted including the operettas The Pirates Of Penzance, The Mikado and Carmen.

He also directed several newly commissioned pieces including Fiona Evans'
Geordie Sinatra, Roger Osborne's Laughton and Andrew Pollard's Aladdin. He was involved in the creation of the SJT OutReach Rooms, the single largest capital project at the Stephen Joseph Theatre since it moved to its present home in 1996.

Chris Monks' Leaving Statement

“With the arrival of Mathew Russell, the SJT’s new CEO, this is the right time to step aside and return to my former work as a freelance director, writer and teacher. I have several sizeable theatre projects in development which I’m looking forward to realising in the coming months.
“I’ve spent seven years in Scarborough and made some wonderful friends. I’ve been very proud of the shows I’ve directed here and the significant progress we’ve made in widening the scope of our productions in a very challenging economic environment.
“I consider the success of our community work through SJT OutReach and the recent opening of the OutReach Rooms to be two of the most significant achievements of my career, and vital in developing the new audiences the SJT needs to ensure a prosperous future. There are extremely dedicated and talented people working for the SJT; I wish my staff, our audience and everyone associated with it the best of luck for the future.”

Chris Monks
Artistic Director SJT

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