Visiting Shows / Artists: Prior to 1996

Very little is held in archive about companies which visited the Library Theatre or Stephen Joseph Theatre In The Round prior to the company’s move to the Stephen Joseph Theatre in 1996.
As part of an ongoing project, the website is attempting to build up a list of companies, performers and productions which played at the theatres prior to 1996.

Visiting Companies: 1955 to 1995

Phèdre (Studio Theatre Ltd)
The first company to tour to the Library Theatre was the company which ran it! However, this was not a Scarborough production but one tied into Stephen Joseph’s
Studio Theatre Club and took place on 17 March.


Event: Mimic Dance Theatre (The British Dance Drama)
The company performed prior to every main house performance from 11 July to 6 August. They collaborated with Studio Theatre Ltd at Christmas for the world premiere of Alan Ayckbourn’s 3rd play, Dad’s Tale.

Play: Settle Us Fair (Hull Arts Theatre)
The company based at Spring Street Theatre - where Hull Truck Theatre would be established in 1983 - visited for a week with a documentary play about the fishing industry by Phil Woods.

Plays / Events: Waiting For Godot (Hull Arts Centre); Old Time Music Hall Parisian Style (Hull Arts Centre); Tonight After Dark (Hull Arts Centre); Waiting For Godot - advertised as Two Nightly Stands) (Hull Arts Centre); music hall show - title unknown (Hull Arts Centre); documentary play - title unknown (Hull Arts Centre)

Plays / Events: Say Goodnight To Grandma (Hull Arts Centre)

Play: The Guv’nor (performed by Christopher Godwin)
Concerts: Scarborough Town Band
Lunchtime concerts (Wednesdays): John Hutchinson, Val Russell & Mac McKenzie
Sunday night jazz concerts:

We British, or Oh Britannia (revue with Nicholas Parsons)
Lunchtime concerts (Mondays):
Ray Stubbs (One Man Blues Band), Bob Eaton, Johnny Limbo & The Maraccas, Ron Snaith, Bretton Morris Men, Pete Howells, Tom McConville, Inder Singh, John Moore, John & Alison Forsyth, Mike & Sheila Lester, Steve Channing, Martin Simpson, Kevin Clarke, Kris Bagnall and Andy Diggle. During the winter, the programme included John Brown’s Bodies, Ray Stubbs (one Man Blues Band), Life & Death Of James Cook, Paul Todd & John Prendoe, The Bretton Morris Men, Johnny Limbo & The Maraccas and Martin Simpson & Andrew Cronshaw
Sunday night concerts: John Brown’s Bodies; Johnny Limbo & The Maracas, The Bretton Morris Men

Sunday night concerts: Richard Wright, Forbes Henderson, The Colin McGarrigle Trad Jazz 7, Bob Fox, Stu Luckley, Gregg Nestor, Joy Hyman, English Sax Quartet, Lol Coxhill, John Brown’s Bodies, Sioned Williams, Martin Simpson, Andrew Crenshaw, Ric Sanders, Shirley & Dolly Collins.
Lunchtime concerts (Thursdays): East Yorkshire Recorder Consort, Inder Singh, Van James, Peter Howells, Ray Stubbs, Paul Todd, Kevin Clarke, James Birkett, Timothy Caesar, Pete Thompson, Alan Bell, John Moore, John & Alison Forsyth, North Riding College Ensemble

Play / Event:
Stevie (London Market Theatre Company); See The Village Wait (performed by Tim Brierley & Catharine Bennett); Mortimer’s Miscellany: Life, Love & The Law (performed by Sir John Mortimer, Joanna David, Rohan McCullogh & John Zaradin)
Vincent Billington
Sunday night concerts:
Mike Absalom, Isaac Guillory, Geoff Laycock Swing Orchestra with George Roberts, Colin McGarrigle Trad Jazz 7, Gary & Vera Aspey, Martin Simpson, Ron Geesin, Semuta, Magus; The Gary Boyle Band, John Mills, Lynne Gangbar,
Lunchtime concerts (Wednesdays):
Van James Trio, Paul Todd & Friends, Inder Singh, Pete Howells & Jim Gordon, Tony Turner & the EASY Band, Roger Dean & guests, Bill Scott & Scarborough College present Smike, Race Newton

Three Of A Kind (by Brian Thompson)
Sunday night concerts: Martin Simpson, Our Band, Colin McGarrigle Trad Jazz 7, EASY Band, Four Wheel Drive, Ray Stubbs & the Hocum Hotshots, David Magson & Friends

Play / Event:
Close Ties (Alley Theatre, Houston); The Temptation Texas Radio Revue (Alley Theatre, Houston)
Sunday night concerts: EASY Band, Geoff Laycock & Friends, Johnny Limbo & The Maraccas, Isaac Guillory, Martin Simpson, Four Wheel Drive, Gary Boyle Band, Street Grafitti, Samoa, The Andy Watson Quartet

Sunday night concerts:
Details to be confirmed

Sunday night concerts:
Martin Simpson, Duchamps Topee, Brendan Croker & The Five O’Clock Shadows, Mr Thrud!, The Andy Watson Quartet, The Gels, Four Wheel Drive, Last Will & Testament, The EASY Band, Limbo, The Gary Boyle Band, Niagra Calls, Cow Pie, Take Five, The Society Jazz Band, The John Hutch Band, Legends, Isaac Guillory

Play / Events:
Tales From A Long Room (Robin Bailey); Sir Arthur Dunster’s Celebrated Old Time Music Hall; Sarah Brown Cooks demonstration
Concert: Rosie Hardman
Concerts (Mondays): Busby Stoop & His Aunties From Loughborough, Sal Bernardi & Ricki Lee Jones
Scarborough Rock (Sunday concerts): Martin Carthy, Isaac Guillory, Rosie Hardman, Brendan Crocker & The Five O’Clock Shadows, Zoot & The Roots, Mr Thrud!, A Conspiracy, The Lonely Hearts, Zippo Jive, Steve Philips, The Concert Party, Garden Grove, The Dance Class, They Must Be Russians, The Prowlers, Take Five, Slow Down Zone, 1982 Genine, International Rescue, Ritzun Ratzun Rotzer, Fingertips, Network, The Stems, White Rose, Arena, Hoi-Tee-Toi-Tee, 1/5 Of Heaven, A Better Mousetrap, The Creepers, Busby Stoop & His Aunties From Loughborough, White Rose, Red-Eyed Rick & The Hole In The Wall Gang, Gary Boyle, Green Lantern, Johnny Jumps The Bandwagon, Amity Hop

Christopher Lillicrap Children’s Show
Concerts: Jake Thackray, Roy Harper, The Gargoyles
Scarborough Rock (Sunday concerts): Mr Thrud! (later Little Angels), A Better Mousetrap, Generator, The Bogus Brothers, The Gels, Johnny Jumps The Bandwagon, I.Q. Clearance, Slow Down Zone, The Lonely Hearts, The Gary Boyle Band, Busby Stoop & His Aunties From Loughborough, Brendan Crocker & The Five O’Clock Shadows, Transmission, Eustace L. Shoes & His Cumfy Slippers, Zippo Jive, Red-Eyed Rick, International Rescue, Skidmarks, Steve Philips, Shark Taboo, T-Dive, Jump The Gun, Kestrel, The Prowlers, Some Thieves, Acrobats Of Desire, Artisan, Fingertips, Isaac Guillory

Colour Supplement (Riding Lights Theatre Company); Magic Punch & Judy Spectacular (Roni Shachnaey & Brian Frow)
Lunchtime concerts:
Vincent Billington

Lunchtime concerts:
Vincent Billington

National Student Drama Festival
Concert: John Briggs
Lunchtime concerts: Vincent BIllington

National Student Drama Festival
Knife, Folk & Spoon (Monday lunchtime folk concerts): Details to be confirmed
Square Cat Jazz (Friday lunchtime jazz concerts): Kevin Leach, Bob Malinwoski, Jeff Parker

Plays / Events:
Late Night with Tim Firth; Fiction (performed by Ruth Curtis); Taylor’s Tickler (performed by Richard Derrington); National Student Drama Festival
Lunchtime concerts: Vincent Billington
Knife, Folk & Spoon (Monday lunchtime folk concerts):
Details to be confirmed
Square Cat Jazz (Friday lunchtime jazz concerts): Details to be confirmed

Newman & Baddiel; National Student Drama Festival
Lunchtime concerts (Mondays): Van James

National Student Drama Festival

National Student Drama Festival
Concert: The Lindsay String Quartet
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