Visiting Productions: 2000 - 2004

This page contains details of companies, people and productions which visited the Stephen Joseph Theatre between 2000 - 2004.

* indicates a solo show / performance rather than a platform / talk.

Plays / Drama / Dance
Platforms / Solo*
The Mikado (New Vic)
Arctic Boosh
Flamenco Dance Cuadro Arte Puro (Juan Martin)
Black Umfolosi
Big Maggie (New Vic)
Thick As A Brick (Hull Truck)
Women On The Verger (Lip Service)
Splendour (Paines Plough)
Krazy Spirit (RJC Dance)
The Many Legged Musicians of Bremley Town (Little Angel)
Much Ado About Nothing (Northern Broadsides)
Unleashed (Hull Truck)
Basking With Sharks (Leikin Loppu)
National Student Drama Festival

The Merry Wives (Northern Broadsides)
King John (Northern Broadsides)
Saints & Sinners
February Nights (University of Hull)
Blue Remembered Hills (Next Stage)
Zigger Zagger (Scalby School)
A Year To Remember
Fever! The Making Of Peggy Lee
A Place At The Table (Not The NT)
Crazy Gary's Mobile Disco (Paines Plough)
Black Umfolosi
Billy Liar (New Vic)
Departures (Hull Truck)
The Cracked Pot (Northern Broadsides)
Oedipus (Northern Broadsides)
Tiny Dynamite (Paines Plough)
Today's Special - Very Special (Leikin Loppu)
The Changeling (Graeae)
A Thousand Years Of Christmas
National Student Drama Festival

Macbeth (Northern Broadsides)
The Marriage of Figaro (New Vic)
Men Of The World (Hull Truck)
God's Official
Taj (Big Picture)
The Love Child (Red Shift)
National Student Drama Festival

mindbodysoul (Soma)
Henry V (Northern Broadsides)
A Woman Killed With Kindness (Northern Broadsides)
Lady Macbeth Rewrites The Rulebook (Broads With Swords)
May Nights (University Of Hull)
Screaming Blue Murder (Hull Truck)
Carmen (New Vic)
A Special Relationship (Three Legged Theatre)
Lear's Daughters (Yellow Earth)
Tony & Pat (Leikin Loppu)
Antigone (Northern Broadsides)
Diary Of An Action Man (Graeae)
National Student Drama Festival

Bartleby (Red Shift)
Mekwae (RJC Dance)
The Merchant Of Venice (Northern Broadsides)
Dangerous When Cornered
The Bells (Northern Broadsides)
Mandragora (Tara Arts)
Bent (Graeae)
The Third Man (Red Shift)
National Student Drama Festival

Yorkshire Building Society Brass Band
Northern Sinfonia Ensemble
Terry Lightfoot & His Band
Alan Price
The Hill Wiltchinsky Guitar Duo
Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham
Denis King, Dick Vosburgh & Sarah Redmond
Stefan Bednarczyk

Yorkshire Building Society Brass Band
Staxton Singers
Evgeny Soifertis
Northern Sinfonia Ensemble
Juan Martin & his Alquimista Group
Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band
Bob Malinowski's Quartet
Marion Montgomery & The Laurie Holloway Trio

Dave Newton Trio
Alan Price
Bernard Gregor-Smith & Yolande Wrigley
Blazin' Fiddles
Julie Felix

Terry Lighfoot & His Band
The Laurie Holloway Trio & Kenny Lynch
Dave Newton Trio
The Lindsays
I Fagiolini
Northern Sinfonia Small Orchestra
Yorkshire Building Society Brass Band

Florestan Trio
The Wakeford Ensemble
The Kungsbacka Trio
London Winds
Eduardo Niebla
Yorkshire Building Society Brass Band
Scarborough Spa Orchestra
Julie Felix
The Laurie Holloway Trio & Jacquie Dankworth
Konevets Quartet
Emily Druce & Steve Jones
Sorrel Quartet
The Hanover Band
The Lindsays

Reginald Hill
Pam Ayres
Richard Derrington*
Sian Phillips*
Mike Raffone*
Gervase Phinn
Eileen Page*
John Mortimer
Michael Holroyd
Trevor Nunn
Edward Fox*
Honor Blackman*

David Wood*
Edwina Currie
Charles Collingwood*
Claire Dowie*
Alan Ayckbourn
Paul Allen
Nigel Planer

Linda Marlowe*
Sue MacGregor
Gervase Phinn
Alan Ayckbourn
Eileen Page*
Claire Tomalin

Harold Pinter
Sally Bradshaw*
Dawn Hope*
Barrie Rutter
Alan Ayckbourn
Jeremy James Taylor
Martin Jarvis

Michael Simkins
Philip York*
Gareth Armstrong*
Benji Reid*
Kazuko Hohki*
Alister O'Loughin*
Claire Dowie*
Richard Derrington*
Sol Bernstein*
Spencer Brown*
Andy Parsons*
Joan Bakewell
Clive Francis*
Roger Llewellyn*

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