Visiting Productions: 2005 - 2009

This page contains details of companies, people and productions which visited the SJT between 2005 - 2009.
Kitty & Kate (New Vic)
Comedy Of Errors (Northern Broadsides)
Sweet William (Northern Broadsides)
Black Umfolosi
One Night Of Shakespeare
The School For Scandal (Northern Broadsides)
The Island (Market Theatre)
Living Pretty (Normal Productions)
Up 'n' Under (Hull Truck)
Going Dutch (Hull Truck)
Lawrence Marks
Maurice Gran
Janie Dee
Pam Ayres

Smoke (New Vic)
Wrestling Mad (Hull Truck)
After The End (Paines Plough)
In The Footsteps Of Mr Butler (Full Body & The Voice)
Henry VI (Northern Broadsides)
Edward IV (Northern Broadsides)
Richard III (Northern Broadsides)
The Tragedian Trilogy (Prodigal)
Monsieur Ibrahim & The Flowers Of The Qur'an (Dialogue)
The Garden (SHAMS)
Defying Hitler (Theatre Unlimited)
Body of Experience (Soma / Numa)
Dylan Thomas: Return Journey
The Man With Two Gaffers (Northern Broadsides)
Vacuum (Northern Broadsides)
Blasted (Graeae)
Ruins (Anurekha Ghosh)
I Fagiolini
Belcea Quartet
Kungsbacka Piano Trio
The YBS Band

The Unconquered (Stellar Quines)
An Oak Tree (News From Nowhere)
Black Atlas (London Shakespeare Workout)
The Tempest (Northern Broadsides)
Insomnobabble (Big Wow)
Vacant Possession (Norman Productions)
The Waterbabies (Northern Broadsides)
My Real War, 1914 - ? (Two's Company)
Lifting The Mask (London Shakespeare Workout)
St Nicholas
Cider With Rosie (New Vic)
Lisa's Sex Strike (Northern Broadsides)
NOOR / Light (Anurekha Ghosh)
Frankenstein (Love & Madness)
The Suitcase Kid (Orange Tree)
Vertigo (Red Shift)
Vanbrugh Quartet
The Madrigirls

Our House (Hull Truck)
Artifacts (Nabokov)
Romeo & Juliet (Northern Broadsides)
The Death & Life Of Sherlock Holmes (Makin)
Flhip Flhop (Rannel Theatre)
The Brothers Size (ATC / Old Vic)
Gusset (Laurielorry)
Accidental Death Of An Anarchist (Northern Broadsides)
Selling The Sizzle (Heartbeat)
Heidi (Northern Broadsides)
Laurel & Hardy (New Vic)
Victoria Wright
Opera della Luna
Emperor Piano Trio
Ensemble 360
New Rope String Band

Halo (RJC)
Class of '76 (Third Angel)
Lola: The Life Of Lola Montez (Trestle)
Othello (Northern Broadsides)
The African Company presents Richard III (Makin)
Only When I Laugh (Love & Madness)
Heart Of Darkness (Tavaziva)
Jackajack (Tucked In)
Lucky Sods (Hull Truck)
Treasure Island (Northern Broadsides)
Is Everyone OK? (Nabokov)
Sausahe & Samosa (Laurielorry)
Two Gentlemen Of Verona (Two Gent)
Blackbird (Theatre By The Lake)
For All Time (Theatre By The Lake)
Trumbo (Jermyn Street Theatre)
Robert Powell
In The Box
Pam Ayres

Hannah Gordon
Clive Francis
Yorkshire Building Society Brass Band
Gould Piano Trio
Leopold String Trio
City of London Chamber Orchestra
The Coal Porters
Academy of St Martins in the Fields
Scarborough Spa Orchestra
Cropper Welsh Roscoe Trio
Prazak Quartet
Ensemble 360
Andrei Ivanovich
Alan Price

Rod Clements & The Ghosts Of Electricity
Scarborough Spa Orchestra
Euro Top 8 Band
Eyran Katsenelenbogen
Jellymould Jazz
Skampa Quartet
Trevor Pinnock
The Juxtaposed
Eduardo Niebla
Young-Choon Park
Andrei Ivanovich
Robert Daws
Kazuko Hohki
Ines Wurth
Linda Marlowe
Peter Searles
Rosemary Hawthorne
Anton Rodgers

Young-Choon Park
Ian McMillan & Henwen
Chilingirian Quartet
Sorrel Quartet
Ludwig String Trio
Rab Noakes
Edward de Souza & Sally Bradshaw
Cropper / Welsh / Roscoe Trio
Ensemble 360
The YBS Band
Edward Fox
Peter Sallis
Bob Kingdom
Arthur Smith
Peter Nichols
Alison Skilbeck
Jenny Agutter

Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band
Scarborough Spa Orchestra
YBS Band
Eric Taylor
Norma Waterson, Martin Carthy & Mike Waterson
Snake Davis
Cropper / Welsh / Roscoe Piano Trio
Bones Apart
Buddy Holly & The Cricketers
Danel Quartet
Linda Marlowe
Richard Derrington
Peter Duncan
Victor Spinetti
Brian Rix

YBS Band
John Shuttleworth
Mike D'Abo & His Trio
Navarra & Sacconi Quartets
Pavel Haas Quartet
Rachel Harrington
Ensemble 360
Scarborough Spa Orchestra
Barb Jungr & Her Musicians
James Taylor Quartet
4-Mality Percussion Quartet
Ludwig String Trio & Bengt Forsberg
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick
Eric Taylor
Buddy Holly & The Cricketers
Manu Delago
Eduardo Niebla
Alan Ayckbourn
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