Visiting Productions: 2010 - 2014

This page contains details of companies, people and productions which visited the Stephen Joseph Theatre between 2010 - 2014.

* indicates a solo show / performance rather than a platform / talk.

Plays / Drama / Dance
Platforms / Solo*
And A Nightingale Sang (New Vic)
Hypothermia (Full Body & The Voice)
In Lambeth
Medea (Northern Broadsides)
Men Of The World (Hull Truck)
Idiots Of Ants
The Canterbury Tales (Northern Broadsides)
Signs of A Star-Shaped Diva (Graeae)
Girls Night
Love & War (Mark Bruce)
Gilgamesh (Crick Crack Club)
Teachers (Hull Truck)
How The Koala Learnt To Hug (People's Theatre)
Others (Paper Birds)
The Game (Northern Broadsides)
National Student Drama Festival

An Evening With Dr Johnson (Out Of Joint)
Bus Stop (New Vic)
Hamlet (Northern Broadsides)
French Fancies (Two Friends)
Love Love Love (Paines Plough)
April in Paris (Hull Truck)
After Troy (Lifeblood)
The Interminable Suicide Of Gregory Church
The Trials Of Galileo (Hint of LIME)
Withering Looks (Lip Service)
Kathakbox (Sonia Sabri)
Surfing Tommies (BishBashBosh)
Hanging Hooke (Take The Space)
Phoenix Rising (Theatre Action)
Penny Dreadful's Etherdome (Penny Dreadful)
Call Mr Robinson (Tayo Aluko)
The Debt Collectors (John Godber Company)
We Are Three Sisters (Northern Broadsides)
National Student Drama Festival

Weekend Breaks (John Godber Company)
Love's Labour Lost (Northern Broadsides)
Alfie (New Vic)
Girls Night
Thirsty (Paper Birds)
Tim & Light (Tucked In)
Your Last Breath (Curious Directive)
DNA (Hull Truck)
Hamlet (Two Gents)
Napoli (Flying Cloud)
Dickens' Women
The Government Inspector (Northern Broadsides)
The Ancient Mariner
Sensual Africa (Tavaziva)
The Lighthouse On Shivering Sands
Inspector Norse (Lip Service)
The Jiving Lindy Hoppers
Duet For One (Calibre)
Little Sunshine Little Rainfall (Thousand Cranes)
2Deep (Rannel)
Fagin's Last Hour (Brother Wolf)
Three Men In A Boat (Original)

The Thrill Of Love (New Vic)
Sing Something Simple (Dark Horse)
Turn Back The Clock (Hidden Pear)
Losing The Plot (John Godber Company)
Rutherford & Sons (Northern Broadsides)
The Hoarder (Sticks)
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (Townsend)
Total Football (Ridiculusmus)
Female Gothic (Dyad)
Two Gentlemen Of Verona (Tobacco Factory)
Stella (Take The Space)
Jumpers For Goalposts (Paines Plough)
The Lost World (North County)
Royal Flush (Rich Seam)
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Brother Wolf)
The Grand Gesture (Northern Broadsides)
National Student Drama Festival

Tavaziva Dance
Amateur Girl (Fifth Word)
We Will Be Free (Townsend)
The Eradication Of Schizophrenia In Lapland
The Memory Of Water (New Vic)
Teechers (John Godber Company)
Talking Charlie (Goofus)
An August Bank Holiday Lark (Northern Broadsides)
The Hoarder (Sticks)
As You Like It (Tobacco Factory)
Old Herbaceous
Hidden (Black Toffee)
A Taste Of Honey (Hull Truck)
The Book (Flying Cloud)
She Stoops To Conquer (Northern Broadsides)
Jugni (Sonia Sabri)
A Month In The Country (North County)
The Picture Of Doreen Gray (Lip Service)
My Perfect Mind (Told By An Idiot)
On The Piste (John Godber Company)
How To Be Immortal (Penny Dreadful)
National Student Drama Festival

Red Priest
Kungsbacka Piano Trio
Doric Quartet
The Hammonds Saltaire Band
Jacqui Dankworth
The Manfreds
Jellymould Jazz
Prodigal Theatre
Alan Price
Snake Davis
Brass Spectrum
Buddy Holly & The Cricketers
Sasha Grynyuk
Bella Hardy

The Hammonds Saltaire Band
Danish String Quartet
I Fagiolini
Geno Washington
Scarborough Blues Club
Ensemble 360
Boothby Graffoe
Mari Wilson
Cropper Welsh Roscoe Trio
Promenade Productions
Barb Jungr
Eduardo Niebla
King Pleasure & The Biscuit Boys
Elias String Quartet
The Casablanca Steps
Holly Jazz Lowe
Young-Choon Park
Buddy Holly & The Cricketers

Ludwig String Trio
The Manfreds
Tom Townsend
Doric String Quartet
The Unthanks
Ensemble 360
Alan Price
Heath Quartet
Buddy Holly & The Cricketers
Hammonds Saltaire Brass Band
Double Sharp

Hammonds Saltaire Band
The Groove Sox
Dead Belgian
Tom Townsend
Steve Philips & The Rough Diamonds
New Old Friends
Manu Delago
Ensemble 360
Stacey Kent
Onyx Brass
Rebecca Taylor
Casablanca Steps
The Wonderful Sound Of The Cinema Organ
Buddy Holly & The Cricketers
Edward de Souza & Sally Bradshaw
Ginger Baker

Hammonds Saltaire Band
John Hegley
The Manfreds
Ensemble 360
Tom Townsend
Stacey Kent
Opera Appetizers
Cropper Welsh Roscoe Trio
Benyounes Quartet
Buddy Holly & The Cricketers
John Shuttleworth
Pasadena Roof Orchestra

Linda Marlowe*
John Hegley*
Britt Eckland
Cameron Stewart*
Isla St Clair
Tom Courtenay
Roger Llewellyn*
Josie Long

Gerard Logan*
John Hegley*
Hardeep Sigh Kohli
Rosemary Hawthorne
Monkey Poet*
James Hyland*

Josh Richards*
Barry Cryer
John Godber
Jane Thornton
Alan Ayckbourn
Michael Parkinson
Miriam Margoyles
Pam Ayres*
Monkey Poet*

George Dillon*
Roger Gough
Daniel Kitson
Monkey Poet*
Barry Cryer
Robert Hudson
Clive Francis*

John Hegley*
Mick McCartney*
Live Canon*

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