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Although it is not an official Stephen Joseph Theatre website, it is recognised by the Stephen Joseph Theatre and the website's administrator, Simon Murgatroyd, is Honorary Archivist of The Bob Watson Archive at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

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Scarborough In The Round offers a broad background to Alan Ayckbourn's home theatre offering a wider perspective of the theatre created in 1955 by Stephen Joseph and later run by Alan Ayckbourn between 1972 and 2009. It offers a factual look at the history of the venue and the productions staged offering a context to the entire body of work produced at the Scarborough in-the-round theatre venues from its conception to the present day.

All research is drawn from previously published material or documents available in archive. It is drawn primarily from the Ayckbourn Digital Archive, the Alan Ayckbourn Archive at the University Of York, the Stephen Joseph Theatre Collection at Scarborough Library and The Bob Watson Archive at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

All research and writing for this website is by Simon Murgatroyd. Please respect the work of this website and copyright by acknowledging and crediting the author and website if you use the site for your own research.

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