Stephen Joseph: Obituaries

ABTT (Association of British Theatre Technicians) Newsletter
November 1967

Stephen Joseph
Readers of the Bulletin will be sorry to hear of the death of Stephen Joseph It is impossible to over-state the loss to the A.B.T.T. that has been sustained. Stephen Joseph was one of the original group who met to found the A.B.T.T. and was the Society's first Vice-Chairman and the first editor of the bulletin. The A.B.T.T. began life in haste with the job of putting on an international conference within a few weeks and Stephen Joseph not only made a contribution to the proceedings but undertook to produce our first publication, Adaptable Theatres based on the proceedings.

Although Stephen Joseph’s name is principally associated with theatre-in-the-round, he was in fact an expert on all forms of theatre as his many books remain to testify. The most characteristic feature of Stephen was the boundless enthusiasm and great gusto he brought to everything he did and there is no doubt that he was substantially responsible for getting the A.B.T.T. off the ground.

Another project which he launched virtually single-handed was the Society of Theatre Consultants which again was an attempt to get serious recognition for theatre planning on a professional basis.

One thing is certain, that in the ranks of the A.B.T.T. Stephen Joseph will be sorely missed, both for the ideas and enthusiasms with which he always appeared to be bursting but also as a wonderful personality and friend which it was so marvellous to have around on every occasion. Everyone who has known Stephen Joseph or had any contact with him will count themselves that much the richer thereby.

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