Stephen Joseph: Obituaries

This page contains a small selection of contemporary personal statements regarding Stephen Joseph's death reported in the press.

Ken Boden (Library Theatre manager)
"The theatre, not only in Scarborough but throughout Britain, has lost a great man in Stephen Joseph. But he has left the theatre a great legacy in his work and knowledge."

David Campton (playwright)
"Many playwrights have good reason to be thankful to him because he gave them - as he gave me - a chance."

Peter Cheeseman (Artistic Director of the Victoria Theatre)
"I am personally distressed to hear the news, particularly because we had never made up our quarrel. He was a man who I admired and respected enormously, who gave me the chance to do the job of a lifetime with theatre-in-the-round at Hartshill. The man I quarrelled with was not a man I recognised, and certainly was not Stephen Joseph as I knew him." *

* It was generally viewed amongst people who knew him, that Stephen's illness had affected his behaviour in the months prior to his death.

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