In 1955 in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, the British theatre pioneer Stephen Joseph founded the UK's first modern professional theatre-in-the-round company. Ever since, theatre-in-the-round has been an integral part of the town's history from the Library Theatre through to the Stephen Joseph Theatre. It is also the link between the town and the internationally renowned playwright Alan Ayckbourn.

This website, which complements
Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website, offers an insight into the history of theatre-in-the-round in Scarborough. It is intended as a research tool offering a broad historical and social context to the theatres and town which have played a pivotal role in the lives and work of both Alan Ayckbourn and Stephen Joseph.

The site contains historical details about the company, the venues, all the productions since 1955, the new writing legacy and a guide to the many people who have worked with the company.

The distinctive banner logo was created and used by Stephen Joseph for the now defunct company Studio Theatre Ltd between 1955 and 1963, which was used primarily to promote theatre-in-the-round first in Scarborough and, later, Stoke-on-Trent where the company moved in 1962 to create the UK's first permanent theatre-in-the-round venue.

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